The Blockchain Platform of Choice for Serious Dapp Developers
Loom Network provides developers the scalability and UX layer they need to build functional user-facing dapps today.

With seamless integrations to Ethereum and all major blockchains, building on Loom allows you to future-proof your dapp and reach the largest number of users possible.

What is Loom Network?

Loom Network is a blockchain optimized specifically for high performance dapps. Loom dapps are able to offer a UX comparable to traditional games and web applications, and onboard new users without the friction of needing to download crypto wallet software.

Loom also has integrations to Ethereum and Tron (with EOS and Cosmos coming soon). This allows developers to integrate assets from all major chains, as well as build a dapp only once and offer it to users on all platforms simultaneously.

What is the LOOM Token?

The LOOM token is proof-of-stake token that is also used by developers to pay for dapp hosting on Loom Network. This is similar to how ETH is used on Ethereum, except that on Loom, developers pay a flat monthly fee based on volume, and users don’t have to pay transaction costs.

LOOM holders can stake their tokens to help secure Loom’s Mainnet, PlasmaChain, and earn rewards in the process.

Who’s Building on Loom?

Dozens of developers are already building on Loom.
Here are some of the more notable projects:

Why Developers Love Loom

Production-Ready TODAY

No need to wait for some distant scaling solution. Loom is live in production — so you can launch your dapp now and start on-boarding thousands of users immediately.

Optimized for Scalability

Loom runs on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS), and is optimized for the fast confirmation times and high transaction throughput necessary for real-world user-facing dapps.

Integrations with All Major Blockchains

Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Cosmos — Loom is the universal Layer 2 that connects all current and future major blockchains, providing an application layer on top optimized for scalable, UX-focused dapps.

Ethereum-Backed Security

Loom is designed as a Layer 2 that is interoperable with Ethereum. It’s compatible with all ERC20 and ERC721-based assets, allowing users and dapps to utilize the full security of Ethereum when needed.

Future-Proof Your Dapp

Building on a base-layer blockchain comes with a risk of vendor lock-in to a losing platform. We’re continually building integrations with new chains, making Loom the layer of abstraction necessary to ensure your dapp never becomes obsolete.

Access the Largest Userbase Possible

You don’t need to choose to build for only one userbase. With Universal Transaction Signing, users from every major chain will be able to access your Loom dapp using their native wallets, giving you access to the largest number of users possible.

Solidity-based and Ethereum-compatible —
Your dapp is minutes away from production scale

Already have an Ethereum dapp? You can port it to Loom in just a few steps, and start scaling today.

Why not give it a go on our testnet? It’s super simple to get started.

Optimized for Blockchain Games

We believe games will be one of the first major blockchain use cases that reach mainstream scale.

And because of that, Loom has been designed specifically to be able to handle the performance and UX needs of running games on the blockchain.

In fact, we’re even building our own trading card game in-house (called Relentless) that runs 100% on Loom to show other developers the type of seamless UX that’s possible.

P.S. Games aren’t the only thing you can build on Loom. Developers have also built social networks, supply chain solutions, and DeFi apps. If it’s a dapp that requires a high level of user interaction and speed, it’s a great fit for Loom 👍

For Developers, by Developers

We eat our own dog food. We’ve been building and shipping our own dapps on Loom since day one — which means our tech has been built from the ground up for real-world use cases.

Oh, we’re also the creators of the most popular Ethereum programming course online, CryptoZombies, which has been used by over 300,000+ people to date.

So yeah, it’s safe to say we understand the needs of developers building dapps for production scale.

Products We’ve Built:


CryptoZombies is the leading resource for learning to build Ethereum dapps. It's a free code school that teaches you how to write Solidity smart contracts through a series of interactive tutorials that guide you in building your own crypto-collectibles game.


Relentless is a strategic, fast-paced trading card game for mobile and desktop where you can collect, control, and actually own your cards forever — and trade them directly with other players on a massive P2P marketplace.


DelegateCall is a Q&A site for blockchain and Ethereum-related questions where users earn karma points when their questions and answers get upvoted.

Best of the Loom Blog

Our articles have been read over 1,056,527+ times since we started Loom in October 2017. Here is a selection of some of our best blog posts:

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