Distributed Enterprise Platform for Healthcare Providers

Accessible Data = Better Care

Streamline Your Data

We streamline data flows in healthcare systems, enabling healthcare providers to treat more patients while doing less paperwork.

Flexible to Your Needs

Our distributed middleware architecture is designed to handle a diverse set of use cases in the healthcare industry. It is highly customizable and can be easily adapted to fit your needs.

Distributed and Secure

Using a secure distributed database, your clinical and administrative data remains secure, yet easily accessible by authorized parties.

zkLoom Protocol for Efficient Blockchains

Secured by Ethereum

The Ethereum network is the most popular open-source blockchain for smart contracts, backed by the world's second largest cryptocurrency. We leverage the extensive infrastructure and economic value of the Ethereum network to secure zkLoom blockchains.


The zkLoom protocol is a zkRollup based system built upon years of research into zero-knowledge proofs (zkSNARKs). State transitions on a zkLoom blockchain are verified by a smart contract on the Ethereum network, thus ensuring that no one can tamper with funds or data on the blockchain.

Cost Efficient

By relying on the security guarantees provided by the much larger Ethereum network zkLoom blockchains can operate with far fewer nodes than traditional blockchains, which leads to a significant reduction in operational costs.

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