RPCBindAddress: "tcp://"
EventDispatcherURI: ""
BFTLogLevel: "debug"
LoomLogLevel: "info"
RootDir: "."
DBName: "app"
GenesisFile: "genesis.json"
PluginsDir: "contracts"
ContractLogLevel: "debug"
ChainID: "awesomechain"
# Peers: ""
# SessionMaxAccessCount: "0"
# SessionDuration: "600"
PlasmaCashEnabled: false
# EthereumURI: ws://"

从要更改的行中删除 #


选项: "tcp://"

这是绑定 RPC 接口的主要接口


选项: 调试、信息、警告、错误

Loom 区块链的常规日志记录


选项: 调试、信息、警告、错误

Go Based 智能合约的常规日志记录


选项: 调试、信息、警告、错误

BFT 层区块链的常规日志记录。这可能会根据你使用的 BFT 引擎而改变。


Options: "ws://"

This is the url of the Ethereum Blockchain to read data for Basechain and transfer gateway. In future we will have support for infura also.


Options: "awesomechain"

This is the name of your chain, for example "eth", "zombiechain", "test-zombiechain", "delegatecall".


If you are using tendermint BFT engine, you can modify this file, otherwise leave it alone.


Options: ""

Port for tendermint bft engine


Options: 1,2

Most users should set this to 1, and the evm receipts will be stored in the application store. If the number is set to 2, EVM receipts are stored in a seperate database. This is better for disk usage. However it affects the AppHashes, so the entire cluster must be initialized with the same version, and it must not be changed after initialization.


Options: 1,2

Most users should set this to 2. This is the latest version of the smart contract registry. The entire cluster needs to be initialized with the same version, and it must not be changed after initialization.


Options: 1,2

Version 2 of DPoS is still experimental, only use this on dev clusters. It has better support for rewards and slashing. The entire cluster needs to be on same version, and it must not be changed after initialization.


Boolean: true, false

Most clusters will want to disable empty blocks to save disk space.


  CompactOnLoad: true
  MaxVersions: 50

Configures how much history is retained in app.db, should be enabled on production clusters, and dev clusters that don't get wiped often. A new app.db version is created with each block, so without these settings nodes will consume significantly more disk space.


Will compact app.db when the node starts, this affects node start times, but ensures disk space that's taken up by old app.db versions is freed.


Max versions stored in the app store, each time a block is committed a new version of the app state is stored in the store, this doesn't affect how many blocks/transactions are stored in the blockchain store.


  HsmEnabled: "true"
  HsmDevType: "yubihsm"
  HsmConnUrl: "localhost:12345"
  HsmDevLogCred: "password"
  HsmAuthKeyId: 1
  HsmSignKeyId: 100

Please see HSM Page for more details


  ContractEnabled: true
  OracleEnabled: true


Data Types

type KarmaConfig struct {
    Enabled         bool  // Activate karma module
    ContractEnabled bool  // Allows you to deploy karma contract to collect data even if chain doesn't use it
    UpkeepEnabled   bool  // Adds an upkeep cost to deployed and active contracts for each user
    MaxCallCount    int64 // Maximum number call transactions per session duration
    SessionDuration int64 // Session length in seconds


  Enabled: {{ .Karma.Enabled }}
  ContractEnabled: {{ .Karma.ContractEnabled }}
  UpkeepEnabled: {{ .Karma.UpkeepEnabled }}
  MaxCallCount: {{ .Karma.MaxCallCount }}
  SessionDuration: {{ .Karma.SessionDuration }}

Caching Store

  CachingEnabled: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.CachingEnabled }}
  # Number of cache shards, value must be a power of two
  Shards: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.Shards }} 
  # Time after we need to evict the key
  EvictionTimeInSeconds: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.EvictionTimeInSeconds }} 
  # interval at which clean up of expired keys will occur
  CleaningIntervalInSeconds: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.CleaningIntervalInSeconds }} 
  # Total size of cache would be: MaxKeys*MaxSizeOfValueInBytes
  MaxKeys: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.MaxKeys }} 
  MaxSizeOfValueInBytes: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.MaxSizeOfValueInBytes }} 
  # Logs operations
  Verbose: {{ .CachingStoreConfig.Verbose }} 
  LogLevel: "{{ .CachingStoreConfig.LogLevel }}" 
  LogDestination: "{{ .CachingStoreConfig.LogDestination }}" 

Event Store

  # Available dispatcher: "db_indexer" | "log" | "redis"
  Dispatcher: "db_indexer"
  # Redis will be use when Dispatcher is "redis"
    URI: "{{.EventDispatcher.Redis.URI}}"

App store

  # If true the app store will be compacted before it's loaded to reclaim disk space.
  CompactOnLoad: {{ .AppStore.CompactOnLoad }}
  # Maximum number of app store versions to keep, if zero old versions will never be deleted.
  MaxVersions: {{ .AppStore.MaxVersions }}
  # Number of seconds to wait after pruning a batch of old versions from the app store.
  # If this is set to zero the app store will only be pruned after a new version is saved.
  PruneInterval: {{ .AppStore.PruneInterval }}
  # Number of versions to prune at a time.
  PruneBatchSize: {{ .AppStore.PruneBatchSize }}