Reverse chronology order of release notes.

Extdev Build 1376 Hard Fork - 2020/04/06

New features:

  • Disable SHA3 preimage recording in EVM.
  • Add new config settings to allow disabling of some unecessary key sorting in the EVM.
      EnableStateObjectDirtyStorageKeysSorting: false
      EnableTrieDatabasePreimageKeysSorting: false
    In this build this key sorting is still enabled by default, but it'll likely be disabled in the next release.
  • Disable a cache used for speeding up client queries, the caching is of no benefit to nodes that aren't queried by clients. Since the vast majority of nodes, regardless of whether or not they're validators don't respond to client queries it makes more sense to disable the caching by default. Caching can be re-enabled on nodes via the config:
      CachingEnabled: true
  • Nodes now support a new canonical_tx_hash RPC method on the /query interface that can be used to obtain a canonical tx hash from an EVM tx hash (which is just a hash of the tx receipt).
  • Add the ability to strip voting power from jailed validators while they remain jailed. This is to ensure that if a validator with a significant chunk of the voting power is offline for a long time the remaining validators can continue to swiftly reach consensus without it. Once a jailed validator is unjailed all its voting power is restored. This feature can be activated by the dpos:v3.8 feature flag.

Bug fixes:

  • Update dpos_total_staked RPC method to exclude delegations from the bootstrap nodes.
  • Update DPOS.ClaimRewardsFromAllValidators to claim rewards from all validators, previously it only claimed rewards from active validators. This fix can be enabled via the dpos:v3.6 feature flag.
  • Update default Infura URI used by the gateway withdraw-funds command, in case Infura decides to change the URI format again the default value can be overriden with the new eth-uri flag.
  • Nodes will now load the last block header on startup before responding to queries.

Extdev build 1344 Hard Fork - 2019/11/21

New features:

  • Withdrawing LOOM to Binance will now incur a fee (charged in BNB). This feature will be activated by the tg:v1.4 feature flag.
  • The Binance Gateway contract will now mint & burn coin when necessary. This feature will be activated by the coin:v1.3 feature flag.
  • Nodes now support a new dpos_total_staked RPC method that returns a simple JSON-RPC response containing the total amount staked via the DPOS contract.
  • Nodes will no longer write to mempool.wal by default, this can be re-enabled in loom.yml:
    MempoolWalEnabled: true

Bug fixes:

  • Transaction events will now be emitted to subscribers after the block in which the transactions are included has been committed.
  • The Binance Gateway will now adjust the decimal precision for LOOM deposits & withdrawals. This fix will be activated by the tg:v1.3 feature flag.
  • Remove redundant TokenWithdrawer field from withdrawal receipts. This fix will be activated by the tg:v1.5 feature flag.

Extdev build 1330 Hard Fork - 2019/11/04

This is a maintenance release that adds a new AppStore.PruneEvmKeysInterval setting to the on-chain config, this is used to tweak the pruning of ancient data from Extdev and Plasmachain.

Extdev build 1328 Hard Fork - 2019/10/27

Breaking changes:

  • The eth_getTransactionCount and eth_call Web3 JSON-RPC methods on the /eth endpoint now expect the input address to be an Ethereum account, not a Loom account.
  • eth_getLogs and any other Web3 JSON-RPC methods that query a range of blocks will now only allow querying up to 20 blocks per request on public Extdev nodes.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix broadcasting of EVM contract events to subscribers, previously if a contract method emitted multiple events subscribers would only receive the first event.
  • Ensure eth_getBlockByNumber and eth_getBlockByHash return the same tx hashes regardless of whether or not the full parameter is true or not.
  • Ensure eth_getLogs returns tx hashes that are consistent with eth_getBlockByNumber.

New features:

  • A node will now panic when it’s started using a jump-start that requires a newer build than the node is currently running, once the build is upgraded the node can simply be restarted without restoring the working directory from the jump-start. This requires a jump-start that’s created after the chaincfg:v1.4 feature flag is enabled, which means it will only work with future jump-starts (the first of which will be available a few days after this release).
  • The eth_sendRawTransaction JSON-RPC method on the /eth endpoint now works similarly to the way one would expect it to work on an Ethereum node. Note that an account mapping between the Ethereum account that’s used to sign the Ethereum tx and an Extdev account must exist before eth_sendRawTransaction will accept the Ethereum tx. This feature will be enabled via the tx:eth feature flag, and should unlock the ability to use any Web3 JSON-RPC compatible library to call & deploy EVM contracts via the /eth endpoint.
  • Logs returned by eth_getLogs, eth_getTransactionReceipt, and Web3 subscriptions now contain a BlockTime field. This is a Loom-specific extension of the Web3 JSON-RPC interface.

Extdev Build 1286 Hard Fork - 2019/09/26

This is a maintenance release that reverts the new EVM tx hash generation algo introduced in build 1283. The hard fork will activate when the receipts:v3.4 feature flag is enabled.

If you’re running a non-validator node on an earlier build it will stop processing blocks once it detects the receipts:v3.4 feature flag has been activated, upgrade to build 1286 and the node should resume processing blocks.