Reverse chronology order of release notes

Loom 2.0 Release Build 1085 - May 31th

We have been focusing on mainnet builds so this has a large backlog of features for third party chains.

Major update, major updates for Performance, Caching and DPoS. It is recommended to upgrade your testnets immediately.

  • DposV3 live to see features - DPosV3 Medium Post
  • New EVM Database store - To enable Set Appstore to Version: 3
  • Core database performance updates
  • New configs for Leveldb, DBBackendConfig -> CacheSizeMegs see our config page for details
  • Universal transaction signing, Eth, Tron, more details - Universal signing medium
  • More Web3 Json RPC Comptability, Blockexplorers such as Blockscout can index Loom
  • Feature Flags, ability to enable disable chain features with soft or hard forks. Light form of governance
  • More Metrics around Leveldb
  • Windows native build support - make loom-windows
  • CachingStore updates see our - config page for details

Loom 2.0 Release Build 789 - Feb 12th

Major update, major updates for Performance, Caching and DPoS. It is recommended to upgrade your testnets immediately.

  • DPosV2 now supports Delegates staking and full reward cycle
  • Nonce incrementing mid block, loom-js and unity-sdk updated to support
  • Work has started on DPoSV3 to have shorter reward cycles and other improvements
  • Karma updates
  • CheckTx preformance boosts
  • Updated P2P protocol
  • Go contracts now support event indexing - Go Events Docs
  • EVM Queries has improved caching layer
  • Bug for EVM contracts writting more then 11,800 keys is fixed
  • Support for non ETH block chains via TG has started
  • More metrics exposed
  • YubiHSM Fixes
  • Many new config options - Loom Yaml Configs

Loom 2.0 Initial Release Build 651 - Dec 14th

  • Loom SDK 2.0
  • Updated P2P Protocols
  • Blockexplorer now supports EVM
  • Loom Native token support for on chain Staking
  • Support For delegation rewards in protocol
  • Fixes for GetEvmBlockByNumber/Hash
  • Range function Prefix fixes for Go Contracts
  • HSM local key signing - HSM Docs
  • Unity SDK Updated with better network management

Note Loom SDK 2.0 is not protocol compatible with 1.0 chains. If you have a production chain using 1.0 please contact [email protected] for migration help.

Release 575 - Nov 16th

  • HSM Bug fixes for Yubico Devices - HSM Docs
  • HSM now can create new private keys on demand

Release 575 - Nov 13th

  • HSM support for Yubico Devices - HSM Docs
  • DPoS Version2 beta - for Plasmachain external validators
  • Plasma cash massive improvements, see Plasma Cli
  • Pruning for the Datastore, if chain gets to large, see Config
  • New EVM receipts data store, see Config

Release 478 - Oct 8th

Release 458 - Sept 27th

It is recommended that all users move up to this release

  • Plasmachain Testnets available for Devs - Docs
  • Karma Faucet for Testnets - Faucet
  • Karma contracts (Sybil resistance) Loom SDK - Karma
  • Massive performance increasements for high load environments
  • Initial info about running a Validator - Validator

Release 404 - Aug 24th

** Features

  • ERC20 support upgraded in TransferGateway
  • Example ERC20 in Gateway - Example
  • Loom SDK Doc site in Korean
  • EVM now has limited support for Payable functions, more coming next week
  • Loom-JS updates for ERC20/ETH transfers with TransferGateway.
  • Loom-JS integration to DPoS contracts
  • Experimental Support for Plasma Debits

** Breaking changes

  • Deprecrating QueryServerHost, and consolidating all functions to the RPCServer.
  • New Config option: RPCBindAddress: "tcp://"
  • Upgrades of PBFT engine, this may cause incompatibility issues on upgrades, please try in staging environments

Release 375 - Aug 10th

NOTE This is a feature test release, with minor compatibility changes, please verify in staging environements before upgrading your production environment.

  • Fixes for Eventing on EVM Contracts
  • Beta release of the Transfer Gateway
  • Demo of Transfer Gateway
  • Memory leak fixes
  • Minor api breakages, please upgrade go-loom/loom-js. Unity updates coming soon
  • Go-loom is upgraded for api breakages
  • loom-js is upgraded for this release.

Release 330 - July 30th

  • Fix for consensus problems on EVM

  • Updates for Zombiechain TestNet

  • Added more telemetry to measure performance

  • Range queries on Go Contracts

  • Added ChainID to loom.yaml

  • EVM indexed filter

  • EVM filter pool fixes and event system

  • Loom-JS EVM updates for indexed filters

  • Loom-JS EVM fixes for getting block by hash

Release 288 - July 17th

  • EVM indexed filter
  • EVM filter pool fixes and event system
  • Loom-JS EVM updates for indexed filters
  • Loom-JS EVM fixes for getting block by hash

Release 276 - July 13th

  • New Block Explorer
  • Multinode EVM fixes
  • Loom-JS updates for Plasma cash
  • Zombiechain testnet fixes
  • DPoS Updates

Release 209 - June 20th

Major release

  • Plasma Cash initial integration - Demos coming next week
  • Multinode fixes and performance increases
  • Ansible updates for multinode
  • Querying / Filtering on EVM supports more types
  • Unity SDK updates for EVM
  • Loom-JS updates for EVM

Release 186 - June 19th

Release 163 - June 11th

  • Support for latest Build of Truffle
  • Updated truffle example
  • Initial Implementation of Sybil resistance framework
  • Websocket events now support topics
  • Loom-JS 1.8.0 Release with updated websocket topic support

Release 161 - June 7th

  • Tons of Truffle Fixes
  • Tons of web3.js fixes for Loom-Js provider

Release 155 - June 6th

Release 143 - June 1st

Release 137 - May 30th

Release 136 - May 28th

Release 133 - May 24th

Release 132 - May 23rd

  • Websocket performance fixes
  • New Websocket Demo App - TilesChain - Github

Release 129 - May 22rd

  • Websocket support for eventing
  • Updates to indexing layer for solidty contracts
  • Phaser Game Dame - Github

Release 128 - May 21th

  • Lots of bug fixes for Etherboy

Release 128 - May 19th

  • Stable Beta Release
  • Updating logging to default to multiple files
  • Moving all RPC to a single interface
  • Updated External Process interface