What is Loom Network?

Loom Network is a production-ready, multichain platform interoperable with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Chain, Tron, and all major blockchains.

Deploy once to Loom Network’s mainnet — Basechain — and reach the largest user base possible, so you can simply focus on your dapp development and business growth.

Enjoy having no gas fees for users, 5 second confirmation times, and automatically get connected to every major blockchain using any kind of wallet.

What is Basechain?

Basechain is an interoperable DPoS blockchain that is live in production, EVM-compatible, and secured by 21+ validators and thousands of individual token delegators.

If you've ever deployed to Ethereum, the process is very similar. And if you already have a dapp on Ethereum, you can port it to Basechain in no time — for much greater scalability and reach.

Deploy Once and Get Multichain Support

Not only are we interoperable with the blockchains of today, but we will actively support new blockchain use cases as they emerge.

Don’t get locked in and build in a silo. Future-proof your dapp with Loom Network and get access multiple blockchains at once.

Read our developer docs to see how to deploy your dapp to Basechain testnet, use our Transfer Gateway, deploy to Basechain mainnet, integrate your dapp with other chains, and much more.